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New2014.12.26: I will be moving forward with “Microsoft .NET Core".   I am currently setting up the framework and will be starting over and should be uploading the foundation for the framework shortly. 

Disclaimer for those downloading the released version of the code: If you review the source code logs you'll find that I started this project on Dec 27 and checked in the first release on Feb 7th - within this short period of time I ported Prism, Unity and Sqlite on top of the PasswordMgr multi-targeted application so that all code would work consistently against the Desktop, Silverlight and Phone platforms.  The quick evolution of the project was revealed in the namespaces and project folder layout - it was a mess ;).   This refactor provided me an opportunity to clean-up everything. 


The released Password Manager applications are currently fully functional for the Desktop, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 platforms (they are currently being tested with minor work on UI).   The important thing to note is that all three frameworks share a single codebase, in addition the Desktop and Silverlight platforms are sharing the same XAML.     The Downloads tab above has a “ClickOnce Installer” for the Desktop version.   The video clip below shows the Windows Phone 7 application in action (as well as the Desktop and Silverlight).

Note: The primary objective of this project is not so much to provide a home for a Password Manager, which will be very useful to those that need one, but to provide a home for the multi-targeting framework that was used to create it.   There are so many components to the framework that  each in itself could be a separate CodePlex project so this allows us to centrally locate them.  This project was started with the emphasis on providing frameworks that were compatible with Phone, Silverlight and Desktop so that a single code-base could be used.  To accomplish this Prism, Unity and Sqlite had to be ported over to the Phone platform (currently there is no support for data access or dependency injection for the phone platform).

Note: be sure to download the 88246 change-set if you want the source code for the functional release below; current source has been refactored and is incomplete.


Note: the following clips are for the released version. The refactored version (using Portable Class Libraries) will look/function different.

Release 1.0 Password Manager instructions for usage

This project will use the following Microsoft Technologies as well as code from other developers:


The infrastructure uses the Model-View-Presenter View-Model (MVPVM) pattern; an evolved architecture necessary for WPF and Dependency Injection.

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